I was born in 1979 and since my early age I have shown interest in nature and wildlife.

Back in 1993 while visiting friends  I was introduced to a antler carving. That friend gave me my first carving tool, few antler rosetts, thought me some basic skills and I was set to go.

Combining my love for nature and fascination in crafting things with my own hands I was drawn into the world of carving. Little by little teaching myself new carving methods and tehniques  I got better. During my high school and college days it was a nice hobby that made me some pocket money but it overgrew in my passion of making ever better animal carvings.

Using only the finest  materials ( European red deer antler, oak and walnut tree… ) I try to replicate wild animals in their natural habitat as realisticly as I can. In the begining scenes of my carvings were limited to tha local flora and fauna but lately I have been carving animals from around the world especially salt water fish.

Last twenty years of carving passed in the blink of the eye, I can only hope that I will have more fun producing carvings for you.